"Those who tell the story rule the world."

—Native American Proverb

Everyone listens to stories.

I listen for them.

For You.





This life is everything of everything, and I'm here for it all.

Light and shadow... joy and pain... young and old...

and everything in between.

We are all on similar journeys. Trying to figure out our stories.

Creating new chapters. Reminiscing old ones.

Trying so hard to remember some... and

desperately wanting to forget others.

But it's all just life.

Our book... our story.

My Story

August 20th, 1985.

First portrait ever.

Pink yarn bow in my hair.

First passport picture at 4 months old.

Boxes and boxes and boxes of baby pictures. First born life.

Early impregnation of creative womb energy and wanderlust spirit.

Always the baby in front of the camera.

1988- 1998

Still posing for my mom's camera, and moved up to family photographer.

Creating commercials on my dad's vhs recorder every weekend with cousins, marketing kid gurus.

Field trips and disposable Fuji film documentation of all things losing innocence, raw events.

Taking random pictures with my little sister; lifestyle, fashion, and attitude always.

Always the girl with the camera.

1999 - 2007

High school yearbook editor, always roaming the school with a camera in her hand.

Black and white film photography classes with bestie.

Modeling, makeup and teen maternity with my twin flame cousin.

Artsy college studying psych trying to fit in... buys a Canon point and shoot.

Bachelors in understanding people, but not life.

Always the student with the camera.

2008 - 20

Rockland to NYC Commuter journalism at it's finest.

A meeting of future legends in Brooklyn, New York.

Art shows with Sha. Bubble girl calendars with Raye.

Brooklyn knowledge with Netic. Protests with Rebel Diaz. Documentaries with Marthalicia.

Spanish & Art teacher for k-8 in Yonkers, New York. Torn between helping our youth and finding myself.

Gets hired for first wedding and never looked back.

Always the revoutionary with the camera.

Through inka originals, I have also had the pleasure of working alongside numerous talented people along the way,

and i am grateful for all you storytellers!

From make up artists to event planners to florists to dj's to dancers to marketers to studio owners and of course shooters,

the list goes on and on!

Here's an ode to you, it takes a team!

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