Josie Zetina is an established creative visionary and versatile accomplished photographer, providing 10+ years of experience to every client. She is a highly-skilled creative storyteller, driven to fulfill the desired vision of each project.

Also known as INKA, she is backed by a strong, adaptable and flexible multi-faceted team that offers a full catalog of impressive ways to document your memories.

Let art enthusiasts with profound experience in documenting, creating, producing, and who have a sincere love for the craft

tell your story.


INKA originals has worked alongside numerous talented people along the way, and we are grateful for all you storytellers!

From make up artists to event planners to florists to dj's to dancers to marketers to studio owners and of course shooters, the list goes on and on!

Here's an ode to you, it takes a team!

Take a look at some memories!